Ultimate Reset Days 11&12 RESULTS!

Well I am over half way finished with the BeachBody Ultimate Reset and I’m so happy to be almost finished. This is a challenge for me but I’m sticking to it and pushing though. First off I MUST announce that I have been chosen to workout LIVE on stage next to Leandro during his Brazil Butt Lift class at this years, BeachBody coach Summit in Las Vegas. SQUEEEEEEEE I can’t tell you how honored and excited I am! So after this reset, my rear is going back into the game hard core so I am READY TO GO and look great!!!

Yes! I’m ready to transform my body and rediscover my true healthy self.

Ok so where to begin. I have been getting better sleep then ever with this Reset. I don’t know what it is but I sleep like a rock and wake up feeling amazing and super energized like I can dominate the world. THEN what happens is around 3:30pm I start to get cranky and feel like I want to throw in the towel. I think it may be because I’m starting to get hungry or the detox kicking in, I don’t know but I hate that time of the day. Luckily, this is only 21 days! I hope you watch the video above to hear what I had to say about day 10 and me slipping…yea yea I had a Chocolate Shakeology could have been a lot worse. But I feel better and am ready to continue on! So now onto the meals from the past 2 days.

Breakfast Day 11 was some fresh fruit which you will see for breakfast every day from here on out.







Lunch Day 11 was super yummy and VERY filling. Tomato and cucumber salad and a lentil quinoa pilaf. Took me almost 45 minutes to eat it. I love the tomato and cucumber salad. It has such a refreshing taste and really has me hyped up for summer.




Dinner Day 11 not going to lie, was my LEAST favorite meal. Hearty vegetable miso soup and steam swiss chard. BLECK! I would recommend subbing this meal out for something else. I ended up putting nuts on the swiss chard to give it some flavor. Didn’t help but I choked it down.




Yes! I’m ready to transform my body and rediscover my true healthy self.

Breakfast Day 12 more yummy fruit. Hope you like the way I made my presentation for you :)

Lunch Day 12 was super filling as well. A micro green salad with the home made balsamic dressing. And some hearty vegetable miso soup. I didn’t mind the miso soup for lunch today. Probably because I was really hungry due to eating lunch late and I ate it cold. The veggies were super crisp.

Dinner Day 12 was by far one of my favorite meals. Roasted beets, coconut collard greens, and quinoa. I LOVE cooking with coconut oil and milk it really brings out such a different flavor. Hubby and I agreed to start using more of that oil instead of EVOO all the time.

Overall, really feeling great and really good about myself. A friend invited my family out to Famous Daves for dinner and usually I would jump on that in a heart beat but I kindly turned it down. YAY ME! This must be working. And I’ll tell you one thing, I LOVE that I am not craving a bunch of junk before bed anymore. That was my weak spot time of the day. I would eat until blue in the face literally. I would make waffles, cereal, possibly another shakeology, etc. Now I don’t even feel hungry before bed!

I’m so excited to say that I am half way through the BeachBody Ultimate Reset. I know that I can stick it out this last half and hope to really feel amazing and that my eating habits will 100% be turned around. If your ready to take on this challenge CLICK HERE to get the BeachBody Ultimate Reset and take this journey with me. I have groups forming so you do not have to do this alone! Connect with me www.facebook.com/heather.foltz and let me know your ready to take this! Let’s change your health on the inside!


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